Home and Garden Maintenance Services

Home Services

  • Furniture Assembly

    I can build flat pack furniture, install units and hang cupboards to your walls.

  • Painting & Decorating

    I provide a painting and decorating service from a light touching up of walls and wood work to a full redecoration or decoration of newly plastered rooms. I can also remove wall paper.

  • TVs Fitted to Walls

    I can source suitable brackets and fit TVs to your walls.

  • Door & Window Furniture Replaced

    I can replace and install new locks, handles, knobs or hinges.

  • White Goods Installation

    I can connect and install new washing machines, tumble driers including their external vents, dishwashers, fridges and freezers. I can source and change the light bulbs in your appliances.

  • Resealing Shower Trays & Baths

    I can remove old or leaking silicone from around your bath or shower tray and replace with new.

  • Taps, Sinks & Toilets Repaired

    I can fix your dripping taps or replace with new. I can fix leaking wastes, traps and flushes. I can replace old toilet seats.

  • Flooring Replaced & Doors Rehung

    I can install floor finishes such as laminate and engineered wood. I can rehang doors to suit new the flooring.

Garden Services

  • Planting, Weeding & Deadheading

    I can carry out new herbaceous, shrub and bulb planting in your garden, weed existing beds and deadhead plants to ensure your plants continue to flower throughout the season.

  • Tree and Hedge Planting

    I can plant new trees and hedges in your garden including all necessary supporting stakes and ties.

  • Turfing & Re-seeding

    I can turf new lawns, repair worn or dead patches and reseed areas.

  • Trellis Installation

    I can install wooden or metal trellises and any other type of plant support or garden ornaments you may need.

  • Garden Clearance & Hedge Trimming

    I can clear overgrown gardens and I can trim and shape bushes and hedges.

  • Bamboo Control

    I can cut down troublesome bamboo and control the spread of the plant.

  • Painting Walls, Fences, Sheds & Decking

    I can paint walls, fences, sheds and decking. I can apply wood treatments, varnishes and stains.

  • Raised Bed Construction

    I can design and build wooden raised beds and planters in a size or shape to suit your needs.

  • Allotment Assistance

    I can provide assistance on your allotment if the plot becomes unmanageable or if you have big changes in mind.

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Christofer has worked twice on my garden and I cannot recommend him too warmly. The transformation from overgrown jungle to tamed and civilised, achieved in a day of vigorous work, was impressive. In the process he managed to put an end to some particularly vigorous bamboo that was spreading into a neighbouring garden - a task that had defeated previous attempts. Personally, he is an exceedingly pleasant individual and is careful to minimise mess - no easy task in my case as the back garden is only accessible through the house.

R Weston, Dinas Powys